This calendar is free and open for anyone to use to promote the cause of liberty in Virginia and the United States of America

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About this Calendar

You have just discovered the most under-used SUPER TOOL for connecting individuals together and organizing them for ACTION!  

Large corporations and government agencies are using this very same calendar, and in many cases a lesser version found in Outlook, to coordinate thousands of employees and resources.  Google has pooled all of the best scheduling technologies into one powerhouse of calendar and the greatest thing about it... it's FREE!  

Sure if you want to, you can pay them for it as many corporations and governments do, but you really wouldn't get anything more than what you can get for free.  They won't advertise the free side because they know resourceful people will find it, test it, & use it, and that is all they need to perfect it before selling it to the big companies. 

Why do I sound like I'm selling you something?  I'm just sick of not for profit organizations I belong to just hobbling along trying to organize people and events and not even making use of the simplest and most powerful calendar that also happens to be available all over the world wide web AND on every smart phone AND even connects to any phone that can get text messages!  

This means that with this one powerful application your organization can not only post events on any and every kind of web page you have but you can have instant update and alert ability to any other organization or individual's website that has chosen to connect with your calendar.  And not only that, but you can set and change schedules and appointments for unlimited numbers of people and even be ringing an alarm in their pocket simultaneously to remind them to take action!

Find out more about how to use the best time management tool for your group at the Calendars of York.

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